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Spitting in the Soup coverMark Johnson's newest book, Spitting in the Soup, takes you into the impossible quest for sporting purity. Order your copy now.

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Argyle Armada, Mark Johnson's book on a year with the Garmin pro cycling team is available in USAAustraliaNew ZealandCanadaChinaFranceGermanyItalyJapanSpainUnited Kingdom

Argyle Armada book Reviews: Red Kite Prayer, Bostonia, Pez Cycling News, Cyclismas, Washingmachinepost Watch Mark Johnson discuss writing and shooting the book at plus author interviews on KUSI TV, NBC TV, Cyclismas and SoCalCycling.

Words: In the Washington Post, Why Russia went to Rio. In VeloNews: Pro Cycling: A Ship Without a CaptainCan Lance Armstrong Save Pro Cycling? • Historians Christopher Thompson on 100 years of the Tour de France and John Hoberman on Doping Truth and Reconciliation for Pro CyclingDoes Pro Cycling Need a Marvin Miller?Marvin Miller interviewCycling head injuriesTour of Flanders with the US National TeamGold Medalist Kristin ArmstrongUCI President Pat McQuaidExergy women train in MeccaTri on the Rise A Day in the San Diego Wind Tunnel Coryn Rivera profile Chris Horner World Bicycle ReliefIna TeutenbergGarmin service course • Raleigh Boys ReunionIn 2009 an unknown named Evelyn Stevens Party on Palomar

From the past: 1993 VeloNews article on bike touring for racing fitness—still applies! Remember the Vandedrome? Here's a 1995 piece we wrote on the track built by the father of Garmin-Barracuda rider Christian Vande Velde.

Tour of California, Chris Horner and Team RadioShackIn Ride Cycling Review: The Business of Pro Cycling
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Adventure Cycling  Cover Read our pieces on California's Junior Lifeguards, San Diego's Swamis Cycling Club, the Slipstream pro cycling team, and Jittery Joe's pro cyclist Neil Shirley • Our article on San Diego's swimming scene and San Diego sea life in Del Mar Scene magazine. Check out Dave Zabriskie's DZ Nuts in a shop near you. We did the web site and product photography.
The Art of Spanish Guitar Read our five tips for better cycling photos.We shot the studio and concert photography for Celino Romero's The Art of Spanish Guitar, written by one of the world's finest classical guitarists.

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