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Other Resources

More information for PhDs pondering a vocation outside the ivory tower.

Career Web sites

Some of the better career Web sites:

High Tech Web sites

If you think software or some other high tech field might have a place for you, poke at these sites.

Your university career center and web site

Start browsing the internships. Find one that piques your interest and take it. If you hate it, you get to leave. If you love it, they might just offer you a job.


Newspapers and magazines

If you're thinking about a career that involves a paycheck, there's one paper to read:

    The Wall Street Journal Read for insights on the diversity of career opportunities in business, government, and non-profits. Thankfully, the wall between the Comstockian editorial pages and the rest of the newspaper is robust. The online WSJ is not free. The copy in your local library is.

    For an international perspective, get The Economist. Along with a steady diet of international job listings, this British newsmagazine delights with some of the wittiest headlines and captions around. The writing is sheer delight.


Professional societies and organizations offer a way to meet others from a prospective field. Attend a local chapter meeting and scan the society periodicals. Here are two of the better-known tech societies. For other professions, ask your librarian or try searching the Web.


You have friends, neighbors, and relatives. Ask them what they do. Networking yields.
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